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Creekman is the media outlet for Wildlife Survey & Photo Service. Work is primarily a multimedia production company using professional photography, video, art and related output for education, documentation, and Public Relations.


In the near future, Creekman Media will be releasing Algae Art a microphotographic endeavor that reveals the beauty found in the underwater world of algae, plankton, and other microsubjects.

Creekman.com was born in a New York bar. It was on a 2005 trip to New York to visit my beautiful and talented daughter. Sitting in a night club called the Hudson, my daughter - after a few drinks - suggested that my domain "Wildlifefiles.com was not adequate. After another drink she suggested "Creekman.com."Wow, that's too good to be true." Is that available? She grabbed her cell phone and determined that the name was available. "Buy it," I said. She did.

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