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Moves on Boots

Protecting Putah

Didymo Subsurface Video

The August 2010 Video was filmed in the Bear River near Colfax California. When you watch the video, you will see why Didymo "Blooms" are often reported to authorities as sewage spills. The long threads of Didymo break off and look like floating toilet paper.


The video was filmed at 640 x 480 which is why the black borders are on the ends of the frame.

Didymo on boulder removed from Bear River

Didymo - Bear River - Auburn CA

New Zealand

Didymo a.k.a. Rock Snot

Didymo, short for Didymosphenia gemenata, is a freshwater algae that has the potential to cause havoc in regulated waterways. It can cover 100% of cobble and clog interstitial spaces necessary for aquatic invertebrates.

Didymo covers boulders in Bear River near Auburn, California.

Bear River Didymo Bloom

Is this a Didymo infestation of "Bloom"? Either way, its a mess.

Microscopic images that show the massive amount of stalks (that cause the environmental problems) and the diatom cell that is necessary for identification.

Didymo on wading boot laces

Didymo is commonly moved on boot laces. Make sure you Inspect, Clean and Dry all of your equipment. Didymo is a stalked diatom where the cell is formed by two silica plates much like a Petri Dish. The cells are durable and difficult to kill. Dry, dry, dry.

Protecting Putah Creek

Anglers that fish the InterDam Reach of Putah Creek also fish the Little Truckee River, Bear River, Prosser Creek and the American River that all have Didymo infestations.


Please "Clean and Dry" all angling equipment.

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