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2017 Juvenile Chinook: 4-9-2018

2017 Juvenile  Salmon: 3-12-2018

2017 Juvenile Chinook Salmon

The juvenile salmon are getting bigger. It looks like thousands more have remained despite the Salmon Pulse Flow. There are a few Sticklebacks with the salmon. I wondered why these little guys  quickly took refuge in the submerged Alder branches. Hungry bass! We typically don't have bass in this area as the water is cold. 4-9-2018

A few of the thousands of juvenile salmon in Lower Putah Creek that have taken refuge in a fallen Alder Tree. These are fry from the 2017 Chinook spawn in Lower Putah Creek. They have plenty of food and cool water. I expect they will remain in the area for months.

Video shows salmon fry that recently emerged from the redds in Lower Putah Creek. The small salmon seek safety within the submerged branches of a fallen Alder tree.

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