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King Rch






Putah Creek:

Putah is a special waterway that originates from springs on Cobb Mountain near Clear Lake.


I've had many special days on this creek, including the Fall of 2012 when I was fortunate enough to watch - and videotape - some very large trout spawn. I recorded more than thirty hours of HD video in November and December 2012. Some of the video captured in late November is posted on this website:




Algae Uncovered

It's called scum, slime, and other unflattering names probably because it is scummy - at least viewed when it on the surface of a lake. But, when viewed through a variety of microscopic lenses, algae is beautiful - in some cases stunning. The algae on the left is a composition of several species including a diatom colony (Synedra) and a filmentous green alga.


Some of my favorite images are various algae pictures taken through a tri-ocular phase-contrast microscope.


Vernal Pools

Vernal pools - and the corresponding flora and fauna - are unique for many reasons. Unique flowers, invertebrates, amphibians, and ecology. In the spring, the flower show is unbeatable at many vernal pool complexes.

Point Lobos

Oh, Point Lobos is absolutely on the the most beautiful places on the California coast. It's one of the last sites where natural stands of  Monterey Cypress remain. Windswept snags are found throughout the Reserve. Spent many New Years Days here watching migrating whales. Grab a friend, blanket, bottle of wine, and warm soup.

King Ranch

This leafless Horse Chestnut (Aesculus) tree lives on a special ranch near Cordelia, California. The site is the home to the Callippe Silverspot Butterfly, an endangered butterfly. I sat by this tree, when it was blooming, for many days waiting to see and photograph the Callippe butterflies. I was always attracted to these trees that appear isolated on islands of lichen-covered boulders. When I went back to the site on a rainy day, actually looking for red-legged frogs, I encountered the leafless tree in a fog bank that was back-lit by the morning sun. On the bottom right, please notice several cows that I wanted to Photoshop out. My daughter convinced me the cows (Waldo & Friends) should remain in the picture. She was right.

Wolfskill Ranch Olives

I love trees. These magnificent 156 year-old olive trees on the Wolfskill Ranch near Winters California. They were planted in 1857 by William Wolfskill when the area was still under Mexican control. The property was named Rancho de Los Putos. Part of the ranch is now a U.C. Davis Experimental Orchard.

Frozen Aspen Leaves

Laurie and I were fishing on Lake Almanor in November 2010. I suspected that some of the rain pools along the North Fork of the Feather River would be frozen. They were, along with many aspen leaves.

Wise River Bar & Cafe

This is not necessarily my favorite image, but it is certainly one of my favorite spots on the planet. The building is the Wise River Cafe in Wise River Montana. The dog is Booser, the bar dog.


My brother-in-law (fishing partner) and I had a routine of getting the "Best Burger" on the planet before we went fishing in the Big Hole River.  For fly-fishers, the bar was also the hangout for Gary LaFontaine, fly-fishing guru who mentioned the Wise River Bar in his book,  The Dry Fly: New Angles. Gary and his fishing partners would discuss (debate?) fly-fishing techniques in the bar and eventually carry the bar debate to the Big Hole River. I would have loved to have been there. Unfortunately Gary died in 2002 at an early age.

Death Valley Cactus

My desert days! I looked at more than 300 Beavertail Cacti in the Death Valley area looking for that one special cactus that had flowers in full bloom. The plant on the left had perfect flowers, almost perfect light, a great background, and was on a slope which allowed me to get the camera low the shot. The image was sold and published in several periodicals and eventually by National Geographic Books.

Caples Lake Snag

It's true, I really like snags and they are a thread through my photographic life.


Snag in image: Laurie and I were headed up Hwy 88 in November 2008 when a storm and the setting sun landed on a beautiful snag that lived next to Caples Lake. I managed to park my truck off the road and keep it out of the lake. I wanted to experience that moment on the granite boulder next to Caples Lake. I did......

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