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Chinook Salmon 2013

Butte Creek Bear

Lake Elizabeth

Every photographer has "Moments in Time" that you never forget - if you capture the image or not. In this case, it was a 32 degree morning on Lower Putah Creek. Cold, wet and frustrated because I did not see any salmon. I was convinced that that morning would be the day we found salmon again in Putah Creek. I was walking across a small foot bridge looking forward to getting home for a hot cup of coffee. Looking upstream, I saw two giant tails. They might as well be whales. Salmon! A pair of spawning salmon. The cold and wet went away. I watched them for a couple of hours and captured the picture on the left. He was one of eight salmon documented in Putah Creek in 2013.


Butte Creek near Chico California. I don't accept many photo assignments anymore due to a lack of time and interest. However, when the opportunity arose to film the Spring Run Salmon in Butte Creek I jumped at the chance. After many days of filming salmon, I was tired and left the big Nikon in the truck. I wouldn't need it...was just going to show Laurie the salmon. Right! I looked upstream at 3:02 P.M. and saw a georgeous Cinnamon-phase Black Bear in the middle of the creek. NO CAMERA!  A few days later, we returned and at 3:09 P.M., the big male bear came out of the bushes and started stalking the spawning salmon which you can see in the lower right corner of the image. He came a little too close, which I will never forget...Ever!

Lake Elizabeth - Yosemite National Park. What can I say, camping in Yosemite did not appeal to me. As usual, Laurie pulled me out of my comfort zone. We camped at Tuolumne Meadows and hiked the trail to Lake Elizabeth. I'm no stranger to the High Sierra, but the view when we reached the lake was breathtaking. I had to stand there and catch my breath for two reasons, the beauty and lack of oxygen at 9,500 feet. PLus, the crystal clear lake was loaded with Brook Trout. Per the image, Laurie also caught more fish than me. I was busy photographing the High Sierra....

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