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RiverParkway project near Winters, CA., before the restoration project on 9/1/2011

Winters Putah Creek Parkway Project

Pre-project (9/1/11) shot of Putah Creek taken off the Winters Bike Bridge. The project was designed to restore one mile of the waterway for salmon spawning and to increase public access. The area shown in the image was poor habitat for aquatic insects and native fish. Access to the creek was difficult at best. In some areas getting to the water was almost impossible due to invasive blackberries and eroding banks.

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Putah Creek RiverParkway Project on 11/1/2011 after the creek was diverted into two pipes.

Winters Putah Creek Parkway

View off the Winters Bike Bridge on November 1, 2011.  Shows the two pipes that contain all of the Putah Creek flow. The "one-mile long" pipes were moved out of the channel to allow channel realignment.

Fish rescue at Putah Creek restoration site. Solano County water Agency scientist, Chris Lee (sitting on pipe) was identifying fish.
Putah Creek Restoration site.

Putah Creek Restoration

Main fish rescue 9/25/11 as led by Solano County Water Agency Scientist Chris Lee and the Rich Marovich, the Putah Creek Streamkeeper. Fish were identified, placed into oxygenated tank, and relocated to the creek above the restoration area.

Libby Earthman and her fish rescue crew. Pipes behind Libby hold all the Putah Creek water that was diverted for the restoration project.

Fish Rescue - Putah Creek Restoration

The tireless and very muddy fish rescue crew on October 4, 2011. Note the Winters Bike Bridge in the background. The crew was led by Libby Earthman, Executive Director of the Putah Creek Council. Libby was essential to the success of the restoration project.


Putah Creek Restoration

Restored site on 8/13/12 after flood plain was seeded with grass and planted with willows and alders.

Winters Putah Crk. Parkway

Putah Creek restoration site on May 7, 2013. wide angle shot shows creek access (on left) from the Winters Community Center.

Rescuing the last fish on 10/4/11 in the Putah Creek Winters River Parkway Restoration Project
Sequential image to the one taken on 10/4/11 at one of the many fish rescue sites in the Winters River Parkway Restoration Project.


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