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15 In. Females


The 2014 Putah Creek Salmon run was an incredible success with an estimated 200 Chinook salmon entering the system and spawning.

2014 Putah Creek Salmon Report to the Solano County Water Agency.



Most areas of Lower Putah Creek need to be scarified. The creek bed has essentially been turned into concrete which prevents aquatic invertebrates from seeking harbor in the interstitial spaces and and salmonids from spawning. The hardened condition makes it difficult for even large fish to break through the compacted layer. The process of "scarification" uses a medium size excavator to open up the gravel.


Video shows female Chinook digging her redd in an area that was scarified. Two males show up after the female glides downstream.

Video shows a pair of Chinook salmon during the 2014 salmon run in Lower Putah Creek. The female continues to dig her redd in an area that was not mechanically scarified. She had difficulty breaking through a compacted layer.

Shows a female Chinook salmon resting in a area she appears to be developing into a hiding / resting area. She was under the overhanging vegetation in image below.

Fifteen to eighteen-inch female Chinook salmon. Really unusual, possibly never documented before 2014 in Lower Putah Creek.


More on this later.

Chinook salmon spawning in Lower Putah Creek in an area that is being restored for salmon. This section was scarified to loosen impacted gravel which prevented, or made it difficult, for salmon to dig redds (nests). We would prefer less sediment and gravel that is a little larger. Spawn took place in Scarify Section 6 on December 7, 2014.

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