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Big Trout

May 8, 2014. Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist Stephanie Mehalick discussing the plans for the day with CFFU Board Member Carl Lang.

Few fish. No trout caught by DFW e-fish team in the area immediately below the Lake Solano Bridge.  That was unexpected.

The surgical Team setup near the Lake Solano Bridge and waited, and waited, and waited. No trout. Big surprize!


DFW requested that we limit the number of observers. They wanted to make sure the trout and the surgical process were as undisturbed as possible.

The e-fish team went upstream toward the "entrance" of Putah Creek and began catching a few trout. The surgical team also moved upstream to a worksite in the Lake Solano campground.

A convenient site was chosen on the bank of Lake Solano within the campgrounds. The team wanted a shady environment and easy access to the boat.


Image show Stephanie Mehalick operating n a trout with Cameron Zuber assisting.

Observers wanted to know how the trout  remained hydrated for the surgical process. A small pump supplied water through the blue pipe into a fitting within the trout's mouth. Water flowed over the trout's gills.


The trout were tranquilized before the surgical process of installing the transmitters. They remained under almost constant surveillance for approximately 30 minutes after the surgery. Once recovered, the fish were released where they were caught.

This 24 inch beauty was fitted with a  transmitter and released. Look closely and you can see the transmitter antennae sticking up near Cameron.

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