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The Putah Creek Interdam Reach is a beautiful site and home to trophy trout.  The wild trout population is a mix of various types  of rainbow trout. The current population has fish that are burgundy colored, others that are mistaken for brown trout, and normal colored rainbows.

CDFW used electrofishing to determine the success of new regulations and the end of planting trout in Putah Creek. The success has been incredible with an apparent four fold increase in trout numbers.

In 2014, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife declared Lake Solano and the Interdam Reach of Putah Creek as Trophy Trout waters. Large males such as the "Beast of Putah" are getting somewhat common.

Image shows a release of a 26 inch rainbow, just below Monticello Dam, after a transmitter was installed. The fish will be tracked for about one year by DFW staff and volunteers.

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