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Solano Project

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Putah IDR

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Lower Putah

Putah So. Canal

Monticello Dam was the basis of the Solano Project. Lake Berryessa was formed by the construction of the dam.

Solano Project

The popular lake was formed by the Solano Project and the construction of Monticello Dam.

Lake Berryessa

The popular lake is near Winters California. It is a destination for general boating, skiing, and fishing. Image on left is Markley Cove Launch Ramp.


Putah Creek Interdam Reach

The InterDam Reach is approximately four miles of creek between Monticello Dam and the Putah Diversion Dam. The area is popular with anglers, bird watchers, and photographers.

Putah Diversion Dam (PDD)

The Putah Diversion Dam forms Lake Solano. The Putah South Canal extends from the  PDD to a reservoir near Cordelia. Lower Putah Creek begins below the Diversion Dam.

Lower Putah Creek

Lower Putah Creek extends from the Putah Diversion Dam to Deep Ship Channel.


This part of Putah Creek is undergoing a massive restoration effort guided by Richard Marovich, the Putah Creek Streamkeeper.


The image on the left is the Design Channel that was an effort to get the creek back into its proper channel. The restoration effort was successful.

Putah South Canal

The canal extends about thirty miles from the Putah Diversion Dam to Terminal Reservoir near Cordelia. It supplies water- in part - for the cities along I-80, Travis Air Base, and a myriad of agricultural endeavors.

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